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I have created a course designed to take you from where you currently are, to where you want to be in your life; Personally and professionally.


Participate in workshops, both WEBINAR and LIVE events structured to create a space without judgement and tools to successfully navigate LIFE.


I would be honored to be invited as your guest speaker or panel participant at your next workshop or conference. 

"I knew what I wanted...

I just had to get there." 

With hard work, self-examination and a strategic plan. I was able to turn my trauma into TRIUMPH!

Let me help you do the same.



I get it...

  • I was a TEEN mother

  • ​I am a mother of two deceased children

  • I am a SURVIVOR of sexual abuse

but now...

  • I am WIFE

  • I am a certified  Professional Coach

  • I am a Degree holder (Bachelor’s degree)

  • I am a Christian

  • I am an entrepreneur

  • ​I am the President of  a nonprofit

"I want to help you create you 'but now."

I am a wife and mother of two currently living a blessed life in my home town Indianapolis, IN, but this was not always the case. I had to overcome many struggles in my life, beginning at a very early age.  As a teenage mother, I had to endure many adversities that ultimately made me the strong, empowered woman I am today.  Dealing with the death of two children, sexual assaults, dropping out of high school, and no personal role model for guidance and direction birthed an opportunity for me to display my passions and experiences to assist young women with similar struggles. read more >


How about we exchange information so that we can stay connected? 

I will keep you updated with new Vlog postings and events.  

I can also just check in on you and give you encouragement for your journey to success! 

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